Genuine premium meat in terms of tenderness, flavour, colour and texture. Produced in Switzerland since 1995. Thanks to the QUALIVO feeding and production system, a significantly improved enjoyment value on the dinner plate. QUALIVO is produced according to ethical and sustainable guidelines, with the aim of ensuring the best quality, significantly more enjoyment value and the highest food safety for consumers.


Produced under ethical and environmental guidelines, without harmful substances

Clearly defined product with constant quality in colour, texture, tenderness and flavour.

Clearly noticeable difference in the eating quality.

Qualivo Beef

Extremely tender and tasty meat.

Very appealing in colour and texture.

Maximum enjoyment value, including for the less expensive parts of the carcass.

Qualivo Veal

Appealing, natural, pink colour.

Tender and very pleasant on the palate.

Aromatic, excellent taste.

Free of unwanted substances for people, animals and the environment.

Qualivo Pork

Significantly better fat quality.

Better meat processing.

Higher enjoyment value.

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