QUALIVO BEEF - Extremely tender and tasty

What makes QUALIVO BEEF so special?

  • Extremely tender and tasty.
  • Very appealing in colour and texture.
  • No disappointments thanks to constant quality.
  • Maximum enjoyment and good carcass value (even the cheaper cuts are delicacies).
  • Free of undesirable substances



What controls the quality of beef? The QUALIVO difference:

  • Excellent feeding: QUALIVO PREMIUM feed makes the difference. Feeding determines the tenderness and taste value of the meat.

  • Slaughter age: Thanks to the excellent growth rates and growth performance figures (due to excellent feeding), QUALIVO cattle are slaughtered young, i.e. at 10-13 months of age, yielding an optimal carcass.

  • Transport, slaughter and meat maturation: Qualivo beef is produced and slaughtered in the region and state where it is also consumed. It is expertly processed and matured before it reaches the consumer.

  • Good animal husbandry: QUALVO beef cattle are kept in bright, spacious, 3-section stables with a littered lying surface, a hard surface for working the hooves, a feed trough, hay rack, water trough and controlled outdoor access.

  • Animal health and immunity: Thanks to the natural micro-nutrients in the QUALIVO PREMIUM feed, the immune system of beef cattle is promoted and the resistance to infection, disease and weakness strengthened. This has a very positive influence on the general health, vitality and well-being of the animals.

  • Fattening: Much fewer drugs and antibiotics are needed for treatment, because the animals are given well-balanced, healthy and appropriate feed.

  • Breeds: Since the eating quality is mainly determined by the feed and not the breed, all breeds of beef cattle are suitable for QUALIVO PREMIUM production.


QUALIVO premium feeding

Hay and QUALIVO PREMIUM feed with natural micro-nutrients are given to the animals ad libitum. The natural micro-nutrients strengthen the immune system, regulate digestion, control responses to stress factors and improve growth performance as well as carcass and meat quality.

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