QUALIVO PORK - Excellent fat quality with excellent taste.

What makes QUALIVO PORK so special?

  • Excellent fat quality with excellent taste.
  • Extremely tender and tasty meat.
  • Very appealing in colour and texture.
  • Excellent processing properties
  • Free of undesirable substances.


Schwein Qualivo

What controls the quality of pork? The QUALIVO difference:

  • Excellent feeding: The QUALIVO PREMIUM feed produces excellent meat flavour and the perfect fat quality.
  • Pork fat quality: Thanks to the special QUALIVO feed, the slaughter pigs have a perfect fat quality. Both the taste and processing characteristics are significantly different from regular pigs because of the optimal fatty acid composition (PUFA / MUFA).
  • Pig health and immunity: Thanks to the natural micro-nutrients in the QUALIVO PREMIUM feed, the immune system of pigs is promoted and the resistance to infection, disease and weakness strengthened. This has a very positive influence on the general health, vitality and well-being of the animals.
  • Transport and slaughter: QUALIVO PORK is produced and slaughtered in the region and state where it is also consumed. It is expertly processed and stored before it reaches the consumer.
  • Good animal husbandry: QUALIVO pigs are kept in bright, spacious stables with controlled outdoor access.



QUALIVO Premium Feeding

QUALIVO pig feed contains natural micro-nutrients that strengthen the immune system, regulate digestion, control responses to stress factors and improve growth performance as well as carcass quality.

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