Qualivo - The brand for genuine premium meat

Qualivo – The brand for meat of the highest quality. A sophisticated concept and premium feed ensure healthy animals and meat of unsurpassed quality. Thanks to Qualivo, meat processors, butchers and retailers can guarantee carefree meat enjoyment with the highest eating quality. The first-class Qualivo meat is also used in top restaurants and is a reliable indication of the excellent quality of the establishment’s cuisine. The Qualivo partnership opens up promising prospects for farmers, meat processors, butcher shops, retailers and restaurateurs with high quality standards. If you are interested, contact us personally to learn more about Qualivo.

Meat as a true premium brand product.

imatgeMeat as a top-grade brand product

Fascinated by the finer things ...

Conentional organic and brand meat programmes are limited to good animal husbandry. Qualivo goes one step further: The animal feed and entire animal nutrition, too, must satisfy the highest standards of quality. This produces superbly developed animals. The meat thus produced is exceptionally tender and unique in taste. Even the cheaper cuts of meat – such as boiled beef and ground beef – are culinary highlights with Qualivo.






Qualivo feed

...because the feed determines what is served up

The feed makes the main difference compared to conventional meat, as well as organic and other labels: The animals are fed exclusively with Qualivo premium feed, dairy products, hay and straw. The formulations for the Qualivo premium feed are made by the Swiss company HOFMANN NUTRITION AG, HOKOVIT. They contain strictly controlled and high-quality raw materials, and are appropriate to the age and level of development of the animals. This way, Qualivo animals are always perfectly balanced and well-nourished.