QUALIVO VEAL - Delicious pink veal

What makes QUALIVO VEAL so special?

  • Delicious pink veal.
  • Tender and juicy.
  • Excellent in taste.
  • Free of undesirable substances.
  • Innovative, sustainable and natural production. Good for people, animals and the environment



What controls the quality of veal? The QUALIVO difference:

  • Excellent, well-balanced appropriate feeding: QUALIVO calves are fed milk at the beginning, but soon also QUALIVO PREMIUM MUESLI and hay or straw as roughage. Then, the rations consist entirely of QUALIVO PREMIUM MÜESLI combined with hay or straw.

  • A balanced nutrition and adequate iron intake: QUALIVO veal has the natural colour of a healthy reared six month old calf: pink to reddish. "White" veal, by contrast, is a sign of anaemia, caused by insufficient iron supplements (iron deprivation) in the feed.
  • Animal-friendly husbandry: QUALIVO calves are kept in bright, spacious stables with a littered lying surface, feed trough, hay/straw trough, water trough as well as controlled outdoor access.
  • Calf health and immunity: Thanks to the natural micro-nutrients in the QUALIVO PREMIUM feed, the immune system of calves is promoted and the resistance to infection, disease and weakness strengthened. This has a very positive influence on the general health, vitality and well-being of the animals.
  • Transport, slaughter and meat maturation: Qualivo veal is produced and slaughtered in the region and state where it is also consumed. It is expertly processed and matured before it reaches the consumer.
  • Fattening: Much fewer drugs and antibiotics are needed for treatment, because the animals are given well-balanced, healthy and appropriate feed.


QUALIVO Premium Muesli

Hay/straw and QUALIVO PREMIUM feed with natural micro-nutrients are given to the animals ad libitum. The natural micro-nutrients strengthen the immune system, regulate digestion, control responses to stress factors and improve growth performance as well as carcass and meat quality.

QUALIVO PREMIUM MUESLI contains corn and wheat flakes, cereals, vegetable proteins and oils, minerals, vitamins, as well as key trace elements (such as iron), and thus covers the nutritional needs of veal calves perfectly, allowing for a harmonious and healthy development of the animals.

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