• Qualivo feeding

    … because the feed determines what goes on the plate

    The main difference to conventional meat, as well as to organic and other labels, is in the feeding: The animals are fed exclusively with Qualivo Premium feed, dairy products, as well as hay and straw. The formulas for Qualivo Premium feed are provided by HOFMANN NUTRITION AG, HOKOVIT, Switzerland. They contain strictly controlled and high-quality raw materials, and are adapted to the respective age and stage of development of the animals. In this way Qualivo animals are always perfectly balanced and fed a healthy diet.



  • Qualivo Feed

    High-quality QUALIVO Premium Müesli – perfectly matched

    QUALIVO PREMIUM feed with natural micronutrients and hay are given to the animals freely. QUALIVO PREMIUM MÜESLI contains corn and wheat flakes, cereal products, vegetable proteins and oils, minerals, vitamins, as well as trace elements, thus optimally covering the nutritional requirements and ensuring a harmonious and healthy development of the animals.


  • Qualivo micronutrients

    Micronutrients for animal health and better feed conversion – unique

    Thanks to the natural micronutrients in QUALIVO PREMIUM feeding, the animals’ immune system is supported in a natural way, and feed conversion is improved significantly. This not only builds resistance to infections and diseases, but also considerably improves the performance from the feed consumed. As a result, fewer antibiotics and medicines are used in animal breeding and fattening, and the CO2 footprint per kg of meat produced is improved – thanks to lower feed consumption and efficient performance.




    Natural ingredients – more than 60 herbs and plant extracts

    The unique composition of Qualivo herbal blends and other natural Qualivo micronutrients enhances the animals’ metabolic performance and health. 





The guarantee of Qualivo micronutrients:


enjoyment value

  • +

    immune system

  • +

    health and

  • +

    carcass quality

  • +

    feed conversion and

  • Fewer
    digestive disorders

  • Fewer
    and culls

  • Reduced
    treatment costs,
    and drugs

  • Farming

    All Qualivo animals are kept in bright, spacious stables on straw and with controlled outdoor access.


  • From Nose to Tail

    Apart from the Premium pieces, the more affordable Qualivo cuts are also delicious

  • Micronutrients

    Natural ingredients for an improved
    immune system and optimal feed conversion



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